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AppleTV Home Sharing Dropping Out

Like a lot of people on the Apple forums, I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately with my AppleTV 3 losing the connection to my iTunes library and displaying the dreaded “Please connect to Home Sharing” screen when streaming content from my Mac via home sharing. I’ve also noticed a significant slow down in the amount of time that when it is working, the AppleTV takes to download my iTunes library. Anyway, long story short it’s been infuriating and the Web has been a source of disappointment when looking for answers. From my research it seems that this is a common issue but everyone has a different fix. For me, it seems to be related to DHCP and NAT. When my leases expire I get booted. I’ve found that setting my AppleTV and Mac to both use static IP addresses has significantly improved things. Home sharing drops out far less frequently and the speed of loading both the catalogue and content is noticeably improved. Not just on my AppleTV but also on my iOS devices where loading my ITunes catalogue used to take so long that it was unusable.


At the beginning of the year I promised myself that I would make 2016 the year that I finally embraced exercise. Granted, not a particularly innovative resolution but one that historically I haven’t been able to keep. One of the major downsides of being involved with computers is that you tend to sit about a lot and snack.

I decided over Christmas that if I was going to make this new year different I would need a goal, something to work towards that would keep me motivated. I’d seen the local Surf Club row boats leaving from the beach at weekends and always thought it looked fun and a good way to get fit. After enquiring I found out that to join a boat you need ot have some level of certification in life saving. So towards the end of January I signed myself up to train with the local Surf Life Saving club to get my Bronze Medallion.

Let’s just say that it was a not what I was expecting…

In addition to patrolling the beaches of Australia, members of the various Surf Life Saving clubs also compete against each other in sports (carnivals) that include a combination of running, swimming, board and boat related competitions. Everyone is very fit. Unfortunately, as I previously mentioned I’m not. It also turns out that I can’t swim, at least no where near the standard required (I have a real problem with swimming pools and I haven’t really been in one in years. I know they’re chlorinated but I know the stuff is still in them). The whole thing ended up being a pretty sobering and frankly humiliating experience culminating in me not being able to take part this year.

Thing is i’m wondering if this is exactly what I needed. So far since my try out I have run or swam nearly every night. I’m one of those red faced sweaty runners and I still have a long way to go with my swimming but I can now at least run a fairly easy 10k. Sure no speed records are being broken but I can only go faster and in time the swimming will come ready for me to try out again next season.

I’ve just got to keep it up…

Awkward first post

It’s always awkward starting a new blog. Hopefully I’m going to have something interesting to say. I’ve started so many blogs here and to date I’ve left them all to rot. I’m not sure if this time will be any different.