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Possibly one of the coolest guys ever

About Me

This is all just a bit of fun.

My name is Andrew Skinner. I am a Software Engineer. I’m lucky enough to live in beautiful Adelaide, Australia with my wife and two sons. We love being outdoors and do a fair bit of outdoorsy stuff like camping, cycling and fishing. We also spend quite a lot of time in the sea.

When indoors, I research how technology and people come together, working with many Fortune 500 companies, innovative Experience Design organisations and Startups to combine Software Engineering and UX principles into established design process to create breakthough digital products and services.

I have organised and co organised a number of technology meetups in the UK and Australia (and attended many more), spoken at conferences and written for a number of publications on and offline.

I can be contacted in the following places:

About this site

This site is statically generated using Jekyll and is currently hosted by Microsoft in Azure using Azure App Services.

I use a modified version of Mark Otto’s Poole Theme to style the site. Every article is written in Markdown and I have no plans to enable comments.

All the content on the my site is provided free of charge under a Creative Commons licence unless stated otherwise. While you don’t have to I ask that you still contact me first if you want to reproduce any of the content.

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