I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to resolutions for the new year. I always loosely set them for myself and then I suppose like many other people never follow them through. Last years included things like go on holiday and easily perform ten pull ups etc. I’d still like to do these but somehow I never quite got around to them.

That said, with 2019 being my forty second year on the planet, everything is starting to feel a little more urgent. In 2018 I had what I’d describe as a couple of health related wake up calls and while I love the work I do, professionally I find myself not quite where I want to be and it’s affecting my happiness and productivity.

So I’m landing on making a few changes. I suppose by writing things down on the web this year I might by some miracle find myself more inclined to follow them through. So, In no particular order here they are:

  1. Do less. I spent 2018 trying to be all things to all people and never said no. As a result, with the best intentions I let a lot of people down and didn’t get so much done. In 2019 I plan to say no more often, get the right people around me and delegate more to increase my productivity.
  2. Get more organised. As a result of the above I have became pretty disorganised last year I want to fix the stress being disorganised brings and persevere with a task management tool.
  3. Exercise every day. Drink more water, work on my posture and push towards a 800 calorie day. I want to (I need to to) make some significant changes to my lifestyle this year.
  4. Leave work and go to bed earlier. I get up at 5am every day. Not because it’s the latest Silicon Valley fad but because my day and my commute demands it. I also have a tendency to hang around at work when I could be just as productive on the train. In the evenings I feel robbed of my personal time if I go to bed early, especially as the only down time my wife and I get is after the kids go to bed. I need to be in bed (without my iPad) for around 9pm. I’m going to work towards this as well as working from home as often as possible.
  5. Get out off my office/home more. At work I need to be out meeting my customers more. At home I need to leave the house more. This includes taking some decent family time away from the home (the DIY can wait). I’d like to make a few international trips this year too.
  6. Continue to build and benefit from my network. I’m lucky in my career to meet many interesting, brilliant people. In 2019 I plan to continue to expand my network and reconnect with many previous colleagues.
  7. Speak with a louder voice both in the real world and online. This is an important one for me. In recent years I have lost my voice and it’s been noticed. I am getting a reputation for being a quiet, nervous introvert. I need to reverse this to become more confident again. This year I want to make sure I speak up, share my thoughts and appear on at least one podcast.
  8. Focus on being a good husband and tolerant Dad. Goes without saying I want to continuously check myself in these areas, it’s really easy to let down the people who matter most.
  9. Start up a side project. I have been willing myself to do this for over a decade (maybe even two). I find that while I have the technical ability, I lack the imagination. This year it would be lovely to crack this nut.
  10. Be happy. I’m getting grumpy and less positive as I get older. This needs to stop.

Wow! Well that turned out to be quite a list and I’ve had to edit pretty heavily to get it to ten (is ten still a bit ambitious?). Here’s wishing you a happy new year and looking forward to 2019 and all she may bring!