With 2019 well underway now I thought I’d have a crack at weeknotes.

Since this has been the last week of my glorious three week Christmas break at home there’s not much “project” type stuff for me to report on. Instead I have:

  • Installed a new irrigation system in my front garden,
  • Purchased a petrol leaf blower (which is outstanding - my 2019 home maintenance purchases are already far more exciting than my 2018 ones),
  • Been Kayaking,
  • Been surfing and sea swimming loads,
  • Found numerous lovely eating and coffee spots around the beaches and villages of the Australian Central Coast and;
  • Completed numerous DIY chores around the house.

I’m back at work next week and looking forward to getting stuck back in. Oh, the days and the nights and the work and the fear and the grind and the…