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At the beginning of the year I promised myself that I would make 2016 the year that I finally embraced exercise. Granted, not a particularly innovative resolution but one that historically I haven’t been able to keep. One of the major downsides of being involved with computers is that you tend to sit about a lot and snack.

I decided over Christmas that if I was going to make this new year different I would need a goal, something to work towards that would keep me motivated. I’d seen the local Surf Club row boats leaving from the beach at weekends and always thought it looked fun and a good way to get fit. After enquiring I found out that to join a boat you need ot have some level of certification in life saving. So towards the end of January I signed myself up to train with the local Surf Life Saving club to get my Bronze Medallion.

Let’s just say that it was a not what I was expecting…

In addition to patrolling the beaches of Australia, members of the various Surf Life Saving clubs also compete against each other in sports (carnivals) that include a combination of running, swimming, board and boat related competitions. Everyone is very fit. Unfortunately, as I previously mentioned I’m not. It also turns out that I can’t swim, at least no where near the standard required (I have a real problem with swimming pools and I haven’t really been in one in years. I know they’re chlorinated but I know the stuff is still in them). The whole thing ended up being a pretty sobering and frankly humiliating experience culminating in me not being able to take part this year.

Thing is i’m wondering if this is exactly what I needed. So far since my try out I have run or swam nearly every night. I’m one of those red faced sweaty runners and I still have a long way to go with my swimming but I can now at least run a fairly easy 10k. Sure no speed records are being broken but I can only go faster and in time the swimming will come ready for me to try out again next season.

I’ve just got to keep it up…