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AppleTV Home Sharing Dropping Out

Like a lot of people on the Apple forums, I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately with my AppleTV 3 losing the connection to my iTunes library and displaying the dreaded “Please connect to Home Sharing” screen when streaming content from my Mac via home sharing. I’ve also noticed a significant slow down in the amount of time that when it is working, the AppleTV takes to download my iTunes library. Anyway, long story short it’s been infuriating and the Web has been a source of disappointment when looking for answers. From my research it seems that this is a common issue but everyone has a different fix. For me, it seems to be related to DHCP and NAT. When my leases expire I get booted. I’ve found that setting my AppleTV and Mac to both use static IP addresses has significantly improved things. Home sharing drops out far less frequently and the speed of loading both the catalogue and content is noticeably improved. Not just on my AppleTV but also on my iOS devices where loading my ITunes catalogue used to take so long that it was unusable.